Molecular diagnostics, especially genetic screening, and testing is an unexplored area in the Ethiopian health system. The survey and research of diseases that are genetically linked through inheritance and various genomic changes is almost nonexistent. However, various pre and post-natal syndromes and hereditary cancers are becoming a serious health problem and they should be tackled adequately.  The need to identify the causes of these diseases using early diagnostic methods and conducting surveys and research to determine their prevalence and devise means of prevention and cure is undoubtedly clear. The molecular diagnostics research lab/center, therefore, provides the best opportunity to find solutions to these and more health-related problems.  

MRC-ET aims to serve:  the general public, public and private hospitals, other health institutions, academic centers such as universities and colleges and NGOs involved in health-related investigations or programs. 

  • The company will perform genetic screening on patients’ samples using MLPA®kits.
  • It will promote and market the MLPA® kits to laboratories and medical institutions in Sub Saharan Africa as a representative of MRC-Holland.
  • It will be engaged in various research and teaching activities. It will develop genetic tools for genetic survey in the population.
  • Introduce and promote state of the art molecular biological methods, equipment, reagents, and medical appliances.

MRC-ET’s primary strategy is communicating the message to hospitals and teaching institutions by providing demonstrative lectures. We will also engage these institutions and other health-related NGOs such as WHO in research-based investigations that will be developed as population surveys on critical health issues.